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  • 7 x 60 minute episodes (incl behind the scenes episode).

  • I worked on 6 of the 7 episodes; researching, directing, producing, shooting behind the scenes and blue chip wildlife sequences, both long lens, motorised gimbal work and drone work. 

"We have always been strangers to the night...a place of unnerving sounds and imagined terrors... but now new technology allows us to lift the vale of darkness .. all around the planet the most iconic animals are revealing themselves in a completely new light ...

When the light fades... new worlds awake!"

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Working on this project was both an incredible opportunity and an incredible challenge. I was lucky enough to work across the majority of the series in varying roles. My technical ability and shooting experience were useful when developing camera technology and filming methods which we would end up using through out the series. 

The list of challenges of filming at night is a long one! But it was invaluable working on a series where you have to overcome the hurdle of having no light to work with. Say good bye to off-speed filming and telephoto lenses, but this forced creativity both technically and narratively which came across in the series. For me it also highlighted the importance of managing your team as everything becomes 100 times harder in the dark. 

Ep Dusk till Dawn

Flamingos in Yucatan

 - Directed sequence. 

 - Self shot / produced Making of.

 - Blue chip long lens behaviour shooting.

 - Drone filming .

 - Offloading media management.


Orca/ fishing boats Norway

 - Directed sequence.

 - Set up shoot. 

 - Second camera on Making of.

 - Offloading media management.

 Fishing Wolves Alaska  

 - Directed sequence 

 - Set up shoot. 

 - Offloading media management.

Ep Frozen Nights 

Pumas Patagonia Chile 

 - Directed seqeunce.

 - Filmed making of.

 - Offloading media management.

Mountain Macaques Japan

 - Directed sequence. 

 - Drone filming. 

 - Set up shoot.

 - Offloading media management.

Ep Moonlit Plains 

Vampire bats feeding on fur seal pups Peru

 - Drone filming. 

 - Shooting making of.

 - General assisting. 

 - Offloading media management.

Ep Jungle Nights 

Aye Aye 

 - Directed sequence. 

 - Offloading media management.

Ep Sleepless Cities

Hamsters in Vienna 

 - Helped with shoot set up.

Black bears Aspen

 -  Helped with shoot set up.

Ep Behind the Scenes : Shot in the Dark 

Filmed the following seqeunces:

 - Flamingos - Mexico

 - Vampire Bats - Peru

 - Orca - Norway 

 - Pumas - ChilePatagonia 

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